Carpet & Upholstery Protection


Over time factory applied stain resistant coatings lose their effectiveness, our carpet and upholstery fabric protection coatings will form an invisible barrier against spills and stains.

The main benefits of applying a protection coat to your carpet or upholstery are;

  1. If you spill something e.g. a glass of wine it will sit on the surface, allowing you to mop it up.
  2. Our protection coatings sink into the fibre of your carpet and upholstery and leaves an invisible barrier against spills and stains, this coating will stay on the fabric until the next cleaning.
  3. The protectant will increase the life of your carpet as a protected carpet will clean much easier than an unprotected carpet.
  4. Our protection coatings are water based so they will not alter the feel of the fabric in any way.

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